Children show improvement at school

We are so pleased to be able to report that our coaching of children is having positive results.

It has been scientifically proven that children who are confident and happy find it easier to learn and therefore achieve success at school. They also have more friends and are more involved socially. All these things maintain a feeling of well being, which is so important for the whole of our lives.

Myself and Me was set up to help children build their inner resources and to teach them how to look after their emotional self, so that they can be confident and achieve the things they set out to do.

Myself and Me have been providing coaching sessions at a local Primary School where the Headteacher uses an assessment package called ‘PASS’ – Pupil Attitude to Self and School. Following our sessions with those who had low marks,  all the children improved their scores on the following criteria 3) self regard; 6) General work ethic 7) Confidence in Learning.

We recently held an information session for the parents of those children attending our coaching program and the response was overwhelmingly good. Parents heard more about the sessions we are delivering and we gave them tips on how to continue to support the improvements being made by their children.

The sessions cover

  • Being a unique individual
  • How the ‘Brain Works’
  • What we are like at our best
  • Being creative
  • Being a life long learner

The children also receive a pack of ‘Powerful Positive Thinking Cards’© to help re-inforce the sessions.

After using the cards for just 3 weeks children made the following comments

“My bad dreams have stopped”

“I have new friends”

“I’m better at maths”

“I feel safe when left on my own now”

“They make me feel good about myself”

Parents also told us that they had seen tangible improvements in their children’s attitude to themselves and school and that they were altogether much happier.

Our cards are now available on Amazon

Watch this space for some of the children’s artwork we will be posting soon.

Best wishes M&M


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