Can Mindfulness Help Parents and Preteens Have Better Relationships?

From my experience in teaching mindfulness within a family setting, I have been told that not only has each individual felt improvement in their ability to focus, remain calm and worry less. Which is all great and to be encouraged. I have seen this not only with preteens but with older teenagers too.


They also feel as though they have benefited as a family too. They report that their relationships with each other have improved. Through learning some basic Neuroscience which provides a deeper understanding of why we may ‘over-react’ in stressful situations. They were able to understand themselves and each other better. The skills they learnt through Mindfulness Meditation provided them with the skills to help mange their own stress levels and anxiety. Individually they not only worried less but were able to recognise the signs in each other easier and say “It’s ok just take a breath”. This supportive approach to being a human navigating through life was much more evident in their communications with each other. They developed the skills to show self compassion as well as kindness and compassion to each other, which transformed family life. They tell me that they communicate better and things that would have caused arguments in the past, no longer do!


Mother and son meditating together

So you can imagine that I was thrilled when I read the latest study from The Greater Good Centre at Berkley University in the US. They have been studying just this kind of group and report very similar outcomes as I have talked about above.

If you would like to know more you can read the article on the link below.

For more information about Mindfulness and how families can learn together, please get in touch.


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