Mindfulness in Schools

I’m so excited by the prospect of Mindfulness becoming part mainstream schooling. I live near Leeds and last month Leeds University hosted a mindfulness event and leaders in the field attended and presented their academic evidence for the positive health and well being benefits of Mindfulness.

For anyone not sure what Mindfulness helps you do, basically it helps you re-engage with yourself on a deep level. You learn to be non-judgemental and more curious of your own and others behaviour. A calmness enters your world, you will be less negatively emotionally reactive to everyday occurences. More measured in your responses to emotional situations. Better able to manage your emotions. More focussed in the here and now. Yes you will. An 8 week course is challenging for everyone at different times and it can be demanding to make time for it in our busy schedules. This is why I’m so excited about teaching children the fundamentals while they are young before life has drained some of their resources and will to be more caring of themselves. Please visit


for more information and please like their page.

Leeds has committed to being more child friendly and proactive in supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of children so I’m looking forward to see development of mindfulness in Leeds schools.


Thank you