Emotions Emotions Emotions

Yes we all have them, feel them and are more often than not controlled by them – they are very deeply rooted in our subconscious and even when we try and convince ourselves that we have made a level headed decision scientists have proved time and time again, that we are actually making our decisions based on our emotional reactions to things. We just follow up decisions by convincing ourselves that our decision was made rationally – oh how we play tricks on ourselves – haha

So once armed with this information what should we be doing with it?

We need to be more accepting of ourselves, after all if we are emotionally satisfied are we not more likely to be happy? Somewhat sometimes – As with everything in this life it depends upon what perspective we are looking at something from.

Emotions are amazing and wonderful if we are curious and learn more about them.

If we can teach our children the art of mindfulness we are helping them to take more of an objective look at everything and therefore be more rounded in decision making. This can only be a good thing to learn early in life, rather than most of us getting to middle age before we begin to practice regular meditation and mindfulness.

My school work begins again next week and I’m so excited to be teaching year 6 to meditate and reflect upon their talents and achievements (whatever they may be) as these ‘self coaching’ tools are helping build their personal resilience and resources to live positive, fulfilled and happy lives.


The theme for the first session is – what can we learn from a frog?