Nominated for the National Diversity Awards 2014 – eek!

Anj Handa


I was surprised and delighted to hear that I have been nominated for the Gender Role Model category at the National Diversity Awards. I’ve followed the awards for years and have even voted for others. I never thought I’d be included myself! Some of the testimonials I’ve received already have made me cry. They are anonymous, so a heartfelt thank you to those who have already voted.

The final award will depend upon the quality and quantity of testimonials, so I’d be grateful if you would take the time to write a couple of lines for me if any of my articles, social media posts or our conversations have given you something to think about. You can vote here. My response to the nomination is below.

My passion is people. I love to understand what makes them tick and how they can develop and help both themselves and others…

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