Goldie Hawn Foundation Supports Children’s personal development

I was so pleased to learn that the Goldie Hawn Foundation is doing great work in schools here in the UK. I feel that there is something in the air. We are becoming more aware of the importance of good health and well being to promote confidence and self-esteem in our children. All children need nurturing and educating about how their ‘system’ works emotionally, psychologically as well as physically. I’m currently re-reading Dan Seige’sl Mindsight and again encouraged that all his learning from many years in Psychotherapy is being mirrored all around me. I am so encouraged by new initiatives in schools around mindfulness as I begin incorporating more mindfulness sessions in my work in schools. It follows on very well from the sessions about how the brain works – being mindful to me means being in better control of our brain. We acknowledge feelings from every part of our body as well as our thoughts. We take time to be curious about our thoughts in a way that enables us to be more proactive as to those thoughts that require positive action and those thoughts that we can just let go of as not useful to us.

So I’m looking forward to hearing more about the Mind Up programme from the Goldie Hawn Foundation and I’m also currently filling out my application form to train on the paws .b mindfulness in schools – wish me luck – Thanks! 🙂