The 10 Liberating Powers of Playing a Role

Dramatherapy is proof of how powerful this role-play is especially for young people – The lovely young people I work with love putting their own mini drama’s together around all kinds of different themes like friendships, kindness, courage all the characteristics we need to promote in our young people to benefit our human kind, local communities and society as a whole.


Positive Self Talk crucial for developing confidence

All the evidence coming back from the young people I’m working with confirms my own learning that when in need of a ‘shot’ of confidence, positive ‘Self talk’ is a make or break in success.

An eleven year old boy who constantly told himself he wasn’t good at maths, in just 2 months improved his ability in class test by 50%, he now say’s with confidence that he is ‘quite good’ at Maths.

A young girl who was anxious the majority of time she was at school, became calmer and able to take part in class discussions, where before she didn’t speak, positive self talk was key for her to be able to change her pattern of behaviour.

Having a more coaching approach to working with children at school is going to be key to improving our national outcomes is literacy & numeracy. This needs to happen all through school, so that children develop a ‘Can Do’ attitude for life.

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