How a child’s brain learns

Another great resource to highlight how the brain learns so we can adapt our ‘style’ and ‘expectations’ to suit our brain. We can actively take an interest and have more control of our learning. We can improve how we learn. Once we have this understanding we can relax and be curious about what happens in our brain. We will become more enthusiastic and more appreciative of our own thoughts.

We can build upon this new knowledge and support our brain to function well, keep hydrated by drinking water frequently throughout the day, make sure we eat a healthy diet so we take in all the nutrients our brain needs. We may want to help our brain even more by taking a multi-vitamin, some Omega 3 oil and Coconut oil.

Being more informed takes anxieties away, we all have automatic thoughts generated by our brains and these automatic thoughts are not always right or verifiable. Once we appreciate this we can be more confident in questioning, being curious about these thoughts in ourselves and in others. Become amused by how fantastic our brains are and also how easily fooled we can be too :-).

Enjoy and explore more resources on the web


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