Mindful Children and Young People Do Better

Mindful Children and Young People Do Better

Being more mindful of ourselves, our mind and body is scientifically proven to be beneficial to our physical and mental health. People have reported less illness, fewer days off work, an increase in productivity while at work. Mindfulness increases creativity, something we all need during these difficult times, our creativity is the thing that will help us navigate through problems and barriers we come across at school, work and life in general. Mindfulness is being taught as part of Social and Emotional Learning in the PHSE element of the National Curriculum, however SEL has more impact if it integrated into the whole curriculum, after all we are social and emotional beings……. we have lesson plans for teaching mindfulness and becoming the boss of your brain…they are fun and interactive ….. Primary year 5 & 6 have already benefitted from these techniques and increased academic results, felt calmer, developed friendships, stopped having bad dreams… lots of great stuff is available to help children feel better about themselves including our Affirmation Cards



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