Mr. E! The Motivator! Comics?

What a great prompt for us all. All our actions and behaviours come from the level of motivation we have for them. A well motivated individual is a successful individual. Affirmations are extremely useful in helping motivate ourselves. We also benefit by being motivated by others so we should avoid isolation, for example people who join a slimming club can draw great strength from being with other people seeking to lose weight. But it all comes back to our inner voice encouraging us to succeed and believe in ourselves. Myself and me is committed to encouraging children to engage in positive self talk, come on parents improve your child’s motivation!

Mr. E! The Motivator! presents Empowering Perspectives!

In January, a nice little toon version was created. We call him Mini Mr. E! A nice buzz was generated with kids, parents, and teachers loving him and his messages. Since the buzz is still going, there will now be a series of educational comics featuring mini Mr. E! and more characters! Let’s learn and have fun with Mini Mr. E! and the new characters that will be created in this universe and share this with schools all around the country! Enjoy!

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