I am loved!

The pack contains a series of graphic affirmation cards that help create ‘positive‘ automatic thoughts rather than the habitual automatic negative thought.

Some children’s first response to attempting something new is “I can’t do it” – therefore, they are already partly defeated by their own self doubt when they try.

Myself and Me cards are designed to affirm more positive thinking and encourage children to ‘try’ something new with a more optimistic attitude. They then invariably discover that they can do so much more than they originally thought. 

Positive self esteem
 makes children more confident and helps them form new friendships more easily. They will feel comfortable asking questions and therefore benefit from learning more at school, which in turn will make their lessons enjoyable. They will feel more assertive and less fearful of any new challenges, like starting High School for instance.

When children are encourage with the first attitude card below “I can do it”, they will be taught the importance of perseverance to help them resolve problems, attack difficult sums, ride a bike, learn to swim or whatever it is they want to do.

We aim to do away with self doubt!